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Fixing the 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress Site

Fixing the 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress Site If you are an ardent online user, you will be aware of the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. This is a common error that can bring a panic mode into novice virtual users. Don’t feel worried or scared of the Internet...

What Is Email Marketing?

Benefits of Email Marketing Email marketing is famous amongst novice and experienced business owners. It is meant to assist businesses of different sizes and complexities. If you are new to online marketing, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help. When...

Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services in the Industry

Content Delivery Network has received paramount importance in recent years. If you are building your first website, “Speed” should be one of your prime concerns. This is because speed can have a prudent impact on your online rank. By default, content delivery network...

Basic Facts About Shared Hosting (Core)

Shared hosting (Core Hosting) is a common method of storage and sharing critical resources between several users. As suggested by its name, a single physical server is shared by several users. This is a cheap and reliable way of satisfying your company’s need for...

Basic Facts About cPanel

Over the years, cPanel has evolved to be one of the best web based control panels. It is a de facto standard used by various web hosting companies. This can be attributed to its comprehensive interface and user friendly features. The panel will help you control...

Benefits of Using Google Apps for Work

Gone are the days when client –server methodologies were famous and useful. Today, online solutions have gained more priority and fame. This can be attributed to its cost effective and user friendly nature. If you are ought to use Google Apps for Work, here are few...

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